Dear NBCFP members,

As you probably already know, on May 12th, I became President of the NBCFP. I am proud and honoured to lead the voice of Family Medicine in New Brunswick for the next 2 years. I believe we all need to play an active role to better our health care system. It is essential to support family physicians and enable them to provide high quality health care for their patients. I have the objective to engage our membership as much as possible, as, together we can bring innovative ideas that will meet changing community needs.

On top of working on our organizational effectiveness and governance, here is an overview of recent accomplishments of our Board & Committees:

  • We had the chance to participate in the creation of the Family Medicine Profile position statement which defines the discipline of Family Medicine, describes the scope of practice and training for family physicians, and highlights our philosophy of care. I encourage you to visit: and take a few minutes to read
  • We also lobbied in favour of a chapter equity working group to ensure that New Brunswick members get equal value of membership to larger provinces. We are hoping to see the benefits of this initiative in the upcoming
  • We were part of the Opioid Symposium where the province’s lead stakeholders discussed our response to the Opioid
  • The work of our Health and Wellness committee has been recognized on a National level for their “Feed our Sport”
  • Our First Five Years in Family Practice committee has been quite active, meeting with medical students and residents across the province. The work was instrumental in creating a national resource:, a web site providing information and resources for early career CFPC members.

The 2017 membership survey showed that 57% of New Brunswick members have a good understanding of the work that the NBCFP does. That is a good start, but we certainly have an objective to increase this number significantly in the upcoming years.

Further to our Annual Members’ Meeting on May 12th at the Miramichi Regional Hospital, I would like to present the members of our Board of Directors:

President – Dr. Darren Martin
Past-President – Dr. Melissa McQuaid
President-Elect – Dr. Ghislain Lavoie
Secretary-Treasurer – Dr. Katelyn Stymiest
Member-at-Large – Dre Karine Boulay

Committee Chairs:

First Five Years of Family Practice – Dr. Darren Martin & Dr. Will Stymiest
Health & Wellness – Dre Linda Dalpé

Membership – Dre Cynthia Savoy Academic:

  • Dalhousie University:

Dr. Sasha Sealy (Academic Representative)
Christie Smith (Students Representative)

  • Memorial University:

Dr. Thomas Laughlin (Academic Representative)

  • Université de Sherbrooke:

Dre Lise Babin (Academic Representative)
Melanie Jones (Students Representative)

We are planning the expansion for our Board and have a few vacant positions, such as Committee Chairs for Awards, Bylaws, Education (CPD) and Research, as well as Academic Residents Representatives for Dalhousie University and Université de Sherbrooke.

At the NBCFP, our goal is to be leaders for Family Physicians, not only in New Brunswick, but in all of Canada. It is an interesting and rewarding job where you can truly make a difference. If you are interested in joining our team, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide further information.

During our Annual Members’ Meeting, we also had our Awards Ceremony:

  • Family Physician of the Year: Dre Natalie Cauchon
  • Family Medicine Teacher of the Year: Dr Jules Cormier
  • Sharon Northorp Award: Dre Sylvie LeBlanc
  • Student Leadership Rising Star Award: Aimée-Angélique Bouka
  • 5 Teddy Bear Clinic Awards: St-George Medical Clinic (St-George, NB), Uptown Family Medicine (Fredericton, NB), Clinique Médicale de la Rive (Bathurst, NB),

UMF de Moncton (Dieppe, NB) and AGEEMUS (Moncton, NB).

Sincere congratulations to the recipients! Don’t forget to keep other deserving family physicians in mind, as we will soon call for nominations for 2019 awards.

Together let’s continue working to advance care and meet the needs of our communities!

Darren Martin
President, New Brunswick College of Family Physicians