Melissa McQuaid

This past year has been an exciting year for us at the New Brunswick College of Family Physicians.

Two members of our Executive Board, Dr. Lise Babin and Dr. Marc-Andre Doucet, continue to sit on a working group organized by the NBMS, regarding the development and implementation of Family Medicine New Brunswick, a team-based method of delivering primary care reminiscent of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH). We have been, and will continue to, advocate for our members with the NBMS and with the government so that what is implemented is what is most appropriate for NB.

Our Health and Wellness Chair, Dr. Linda Dalpé has been heavily involved in developing the Poverty etool, which is a clinical resource tool designed to be a practical aid in better identifying and treating poverty in our patient populations. This tool is now being promoted and used by multiple organizations across Canada.

Dr. Dalpé’s teams’ other initiatives have included the “Feed our Sport!” campaign, which highlights the importance of promoting healthy drink and food choices for our kids involved in sports at our athletic and cultural facilities, as well as the active living component added to the 37th “Jeux de l’Acadie” this past year in Caraquet.

To learn more about these and our other health and wellness initiatives please visit our chapter website and look under the newly added “Health and Wellness” drop-down tab.

Our first 5 years of practice in Family Medicine committee, led by Dr. Darren Martin, has been busy hosting get-togethers with students and residents, including sponsoring a procedures day, where students learn procedures like suturing, intubation, etc…, for the FMIG at the Université de Sherbrooke site in Moncton. We have plans to expand these services to Fredericton and to Saint John for our learners in those regions as well.

Dr Martin has also been instrumental in creating a Tool-Kit, which will be a web-based platform that will act as a 1-stop-shop of province specific information on setting up a practice. It will be available in both French and English. NB will be piloting it for Canada and we will be promoting it to our residents and new doctors.

We are also proud to honor Dr. Karlyne Dufour as our Family Physician of the Year for 2017 for New Brunswick. Dr. Dufour is a long time educator and sits as the current Postgraduate Program Director at Dalhousie Family Medicine.  She continues to run a busy clinical practice at the Moncton Medical Clinic and does regular inpatient care at the Moncton City Hospital. She embodies what it means to be a skilled and patient-centered family doctor and we are delighted to be able to recognize her with this award.

This year, at our Family Medicine Conference which was held in the Fredericton region, we highlighted the theme of Family. The breadth of topics presented was a reminder to me of the wide scope of care that we, as family doctors, provide spanning across all ages.

It certainly presents a unique challenge, in our specialty in particular, to remain up-to-date with today’s ever changing guidelines and best care practices.

We, at the NBCFP, are excited to continue to assist our members in meeting this challenge by helping to develop, accredit, and deliver high quality unbiased CPD content. Our Family Medicine Conference for 2018 will be held in Miramichi.

I’m excited to represent our NB members as their Chapter President for the next year!



Melissa McQuaid, MD CCFP
President NBCFP