Patient’s Medical Home – Outstanding Family Practice Award

The NBCFP supports the vision of a Patient’s Medical Home (PMH), a model of care that puts the needs of patients and their communities at the centre of care.

The PMH is where patients can present and discuss their personal and family health concerns and receive the full spectrum of expert care. The PMH team is developed to meet the needs of its own patient community and, depending on those needs, may involve nurses, other specialists, and other health care providers, who work together in one centre or virtually.

The PMH supports the relationships between patients and family physicians and other health care providers as they develop and strengthen over time, enabling the best possible health outcomes for each person, practice population, and the community being served.

The Clinic will receive a custom plaque and be acknowledged on the NBCFP website and in the President’s Message. The Clinic will also receive a catered coffee break for up to $250.00. Candidates for this award can be self-nominated, nominated by peers, colleagues, or by patients. Click below to nominate a clinic.

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Application deadline is April 1, 2020