Family Physician of the Year Award for New Brunswick

The Family Physician of the Year Award for New-Brunswick recognizes an outstanding family physician who exemplifies best what it means to be a family doctor, including exceptional care to patients and contributing to the health and wellbeing of the community.

A family physician may be nominated by their peers for:

  • Providing exceptional care to patients
  • Making meaningful contributions to the health and wellbeing of their community
  • Dedicating themselves as a researcher and educator of future generations of family doctors

Exemplifying the four principles of family medicine, they must:

  • Be a skilled clinician
  • Be community based
  • Act as a resource to a practice population
  • Recognize the central importance of the doctor-patient relationship

Nomination and selection:

The selected physician will be given this provincial award and the sum of $500 at our Family Medicine Conference in June. This is a competitive award. The physician must be a member of the College, click here to confirm.

If the recipient is selected by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) to receive the Reg L. Perkin Award–as one of Canada’s Family Physicians of the Year he/she will be notified by the CFPC and honoured during the annual Family Medicine Forum in November.

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Nominations are due by April 14, 2017