Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence recognize NBCFP members who in the past 12 to 24 months have made an outstanding contribution in a specific area pertaining to one or more of the following areas: patient care, community service, hospital or health care institutions, College activities (National or Chapter), teaching, research, or other elements of the academic discipline of family medicine.

Examples include:

  • Charitable or humanitarian work
  • Outstanding teaching
  • Excellence in clinical practice
  • Innovative research program
  • Leadership during community outbreak of infectious disease
  • Establishment of a training program in family violence
  • Innovations in developing a new program to address a health care need
  • Leadership role in a hospital or regional health care program
  • Development of health care programs in specific areas (eg. palliative care)

Nomination and selection:

Recipients of this award will receive an engraved plaque, recognition on the NBCFP website and in the president’s message, as well as a cheque for 250$. The physician must be a member of the College.

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Application deadline is April 1, 2020.